Thyme for Thyme…

I love…holidays..

A group of friends take turns gathering at each others homes.It can get CRAZY! But…we all are close and enjoy all of our friendships..well they are all family to me but anyway I really like to entertain at our house.I set up my own bar and tweak it with the Holiday or celebration or the theme.I set a menu that will be easy and delicious, trying to hit on everyone’s likes.The last dinner party we had was awesome.Almost everyone had drinks( drinking and driving though!) and finger foods such as whiskey and black pepper pulled pork sliders with a peach jalapeno salsa,hot wing dip,spinach dip,cheeses,grapes and savory stuffed phyllo mini cups.

It was the first time making the hot wing dip and it was so freakin good, it was a hit..super easy.I wanted to add some lil fixins to my bar so I went to the dollar store and spent less than ten bucks on pretzel rods,chocolates and gummy bears.Guys when you are feeling good those fixins are a necessity.

We played one of those personal questions games that you need to ask questions to who you think will say yes to the question and try to get rid of your cards asap to win..Whoa! it was a blast…Learned some new info about all the group…lol..

Two weeks prior my Brother in law and I made our own apple pie infused moonshine..I will post this recipe as it tastes amazing.We had shots and laughed and ate .Great times with great people.

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I am a nature lover who loves to cook, bake, diy projects and make stuff with booze..

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